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Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 03:55PM EDT
RokuRoku is a popular consumer "IPTV" box for viewing TV via the public Internet.  But it is also a great "Set Top Box" for private use too, and for under US$100, it is a great solution for viewing live and VoD content on TV's, monitors, and even for feeding other video systems (e.g. a local cable-TV modulator).  The Roku Stick is another option, although only for certain use cases.  Roku is also a great device for displaying Digital Signage from a DEVOS system.

Discover Video provides  four types of Roku channels:
  • Public Channel -- this is a channel that anyone with a Roku box and an Internet connection can receive. Just add the Discover Video channel to your Roku lineup and our publisher's channels appear. Publishers control what live and/or VoD content is shown. To be clear, this Roku channel is not used with DEVOS, but is used by DV customers to publish live and on-demand content to the general public. The public channel can be one of the following:
    • A customer's channel, listed in the DV App, with content coming from the customer's servers
    • A customer's channel, listed in the DV App, with content coming from the customer's Arcus streaming account.
  • DEVOS Channel -- this is a channel that displays content from a DEVOS system, whether the DEVOS is on a customer's premises or in the Cloud.  Only the channels selected as "Add To Roku" are displayed, and any channel or video that has a password will cause the Roku box to prompt the user to enter it.  There are two types of DEVOS channels:
    • A USB dongle with special encrypted code can be used to tell a Roku box to display content from a DEVOS server. Custom USB dongles are sold by us.  This method has been replaced with a newer Roku 3 channel.
    • A Roku 3 box supports a special DEVOS channel that a user may easily install and requires no dongle.  The user configures the App to the DEVOS address and can then navigate to desired DEVOS channels.  Please note that this capability requires the purchase of a license for DEVOS.  Once enabled, any number or Roku boxes may be used.
  • Digital Signage -- Included with every DEVOS system, you may use a Roku box or a Roku stick to display digital signage.  Digital Signage display on Roku boxes or Roku stick does not require a USB dongle or additional DEVOS license.
  • Live Private Channel -- every Arcus live streaming account is eligible to have a live private Roku channel. This is typically used for "Remote Broadcasting" where a DVME or Streamsie is use to stream live video, and a Roku is used to receive it in a studio or similar location.
Note that these are all different Roku Apps, and that the DEVOS channel app requires purchase of a DEVOS Roku Channel license while the DEVOS Digital Signage does not require additional license.
You can add the Discover Video Apps to your Roku devices by selecting the desired channel from this page: http://discovervideo.com/roku. You will need a Roku account in order to add one of the Discover Video applications to your Roku device. When you sign up for Roku, you will be asked for a credit card, but if you use the following link, you will have the option of signing up for an account without a credit card being entered: http://my.roku.com/signup/nocc.

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