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Standalone Video Player Settings

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2013 05:00PM EDT
The Discover Video Standalone Player is designed for customers that already have a streaming server or media delivery service and simply need a video player that can be customized and embedded into a webpage. There are no limitations to the bandwidth delivery or hosting of the Standalone player other than the term of the service.

To set up a Standalone Player, it is necessary to at least enter the URL of the live stream - whether its Flash / H.264 or Windows Media. For Flash / H.264 live content, the Stream URL settings are as follows:
  • RTMP URL (Required) - The URL of the live stream via RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) coming from the media server or hosting service for playback.
  • HLS URL (Optional) - The URL of the HLS (.m3u8) playlist for playback of H.264/AAC live content on iOS devices, most newer Android devices, and Roku streaming player devices.
  • RTSP URL (Optional) - The URL of the of the live stream via RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol ) coming from the media server or hosting service for playback on most Blackberry devices and some older Android devices.

For Windows Media live content, all that is needed is to set the Windows Media URL to the http:// or mms:// (deprecated) URL of the live Windows Media stream coming from the media server or hosting service for playback on compatible computers and mobile devices.

Player Details

Here is a list of settings that can be saved in your player templates with explanations for each:
  • Player Name: a name to identify the saved live player in the list of live players.
  • Title and description: Title is text that appears above the live player. Description is text that appears directly below the player and above the "Help" link.
  • Logo: a complete public URL to an existing file published online. the ideal size for the logo is 150 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. Regardless of the exact size of the file, the logo will be displayed at 50 pixels high.
  • Password: if a password is entered, viewers will be required to enter it in order to view the requested content in the player.
  • Screen type: Select whether the default behavior for the player is to display a widescreen (16:9) format or a standard (4:3) format.
  • Height and Width: Specific height and width of the player can be chosen, or enter the width and click the "Auto Set Height" button to automatically calculate the height based on the selected aspect ratio of the player as defined by the Screen Type setting.
  • Stretch: defines how the player should fill the video window if the video is not the same size or aspect ratio of the saved live player.
  • Start Playing Automatically: defines whether the live content will start up when the player is opened, or if the viewer will need to click the "Play" button to start the player.
  • Colors:
    • Background: the color of the background of the page the player is displayed in.
    • Text: the color of titles and descriptions.
    • Player Control Bar: the color of the backgound of the player controls.
    • Player Controls: the color of the play button, volume, and other controls.
    • Player Controls (hover): the color when the mouse is over the player control.
    • Player Screen Background: the color of the video window when no video is playing.
  • Player Background Image: the image displayed in the player when no video is selected or the video is set not to start automatically - must be a full URL to an existing image online. The default image is "http://dv2.discovervideo.com/images/defaultplayerbg.gif".
  • Player Controls Display Option: whether the controls are above, below, or over the lower section of the video, or are hidden.
  • Hide player controls during playback: hides the player controls when the mouse cursor goes away or stops moving - only works when the display option is set to "Over".
  • Show help button: toggles whether or not to show a Help link to go to the Discover Video player help page.
  • Chat Settings: a mechanism to allow viewers to send messages to the site or to a moderator.
    • Include Chat Window: turn the chat option on or off.
    • Show chat to users: if "Yes", all posts will be visible to viewers.
    • Chat posting settings: select whether new posts require moderation or are posted immediately.
    • Send chat posts to email: toggle whether to email chat posts in addition to saving them.
    • Email addresses: one or more email addresses separated by commas where chat posts will be sent if the previous setting is set to "Yes".

Once you have saved your Standalone Player settings by clicking on the "Submit Changes" button, you can view the template by clicking on the button below the "Submit Changes" button. You can also use the embed code at the bottom of the page to embed the player in another web page via an iframe.

Each Standalone Player has a running counter that counts all hits to each type of player. This number is shown on the player settings pages and can be reset to zero for Windows Media, Flash, and Mobile player views. Resetting this counter only resets the running count, but does not remove the views recorded in the "Player Hits Report" page accessible from the "Usage Reports" menu tab.

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