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Common Viewing Problems & Solutions

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2013 05:24PM EDT
To test your device with a streaming video test player, see the artice "Test Your Device" here.
  • I don't see a video player at all.
    • You may not have the proper Adobe Flash Player or browser plugin installed. Click here to find out.
    • You may be on a secure network that has blocked the use of Flash Player or streaming media. Contact your local network administrator for details.
  • The video player keeps stopping and pausing.
    • This is usually caused by insufficient bandwidth available on your local Internet connection. You can run a speed test at SpeetTest.net to test your connection speed.
  • I can hear audio, but the video window is black.
    • This is also usually caused by insufficient bandwidth available on your local Internet connection.  Check your connection speed.
  • I can see video, but cannot hear audio.
    • Make sure you have speakers or headphones connected to your computer or mobile device.
    • Make sure your audio is not muted for your computer or device.
    • If your speakers are powered by batteries or electricity, make sure they are turned on and getting power.
  • I have an Android with the minimum requirements, but cannot connect to a live video stream.
    • Not all Android devices are created equally. Unfortunately, due to the wide number of manufacturers and limited standardization from one manufacturer to the next, some devices may not be able to play live video streams.
  • I see a password or login form, but I don't know what the login information is.
    • Most content creators on the Discover Video system are responsible for their own passwords to their content. If the website is not hosted at an address ending in discovervideo.com, please contact that website directly for more information. If you do not know who to contact, email Discover Video at support@discovervideo.com.

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