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Setting up DVME to start streaming or recording automatically upon launch

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2013 03:38PM EDT
One of the most powerful and unique capabilities of DVME is its ability to be controlled remotely from anyhere with any online device through a web page interface. One of the things this allows DVME to do is to start streaming or recording automatically upon the program being launched. This can be particularly useful if DVME is set to launch automatically each time the computer boots up, and there may not be anyone at the computer running DVME when this happens. This could happen in one of the following situations:
  1. If there is a power failure and the computer shuts down, but can be turned back on remotely or automatically.
  2. If there is a system update that requires a reboot of the computer and does so automatically (Note: Discover Video strongly recommends that any computer running DVME have its automatic updates turned off or set to require user interaction before installing or rebooting the computer).

In order to set DVME to start streaming or recording automatically upon launch, both DVME and the online web control interface need to be set up correctly. To set up DVME in this way, follow these steps:

1. Click on the settings button in DVME.

2. Select the Schedule and Remote Tab

3. Ensure that the "Use DV Web Control" box is checked

5. Make sure that your account information is set correctly to connect to your Discover Video Arcus streaming account.

6. Log in to your Arcus streaming account management portal at http://dv2.discovervideo.com.

7. Go to the DVME Web Remote Control page by clicking on the "Web Remote Control" link under the "Live Streaming" tab in the account management portal menu on the left.

‚Äč8. Click the "START STREAM" button at the bottom of the remote control page under "ENCODER CONTROL".

9. Verify that the "START STREAM" button is highlighted in red indicating that the current desired operation is to start a live stream from DVME.

10. For recording, or for streaming and recording simultaneously, follow Step 8 above and select the desired operation.

NOTE: The DVME remote control page will control any and all instances of DVME running that have the same account settings and have the "Use DV Web Control" box checked as shown in Step 3 above. Only one DVME can stream live to the same account, however, so having multiple instances of DVME stream to the same account remotely will cause an error in one or all instances of DVME. Multiple DVMEs can, however, be set to record remotely, and any and all instances of DVME that are set to the same Arcus account will begin recording simultaneously when set to do so through the remote control web interface.

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