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Using JW Player with a SMIL playlist

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2013 05:17PM EDT
Discover Video Arcus streaming accounts come with hosted video players for both live and archived video content. In some cases, however, an Arcus account customer may want to use a custom player hosted on their own server. One such popular player is the JW Player, and one feature of this player is to use a SMIL playlist for load balancing as opposed to simply entering the RTMP address of the live stream in the player code.

To use a SMIL file for load balancing, there are three JW Player parameters that must be set as follows in the player code. These are:
  • file - the URL of the SMIL playlist file (syntax: 'file':'url')
  • provider - should be set to 'rtmp' (syntax: 'file':'rtmp')
  • rtmp.loadbalance - should be set to 'true' (syntax: 'rtmp.loadbalance':'true')

To make this easier, Discover Video provides Arcus account holders an easy webpage tool to see the JW Player in action with a SMIL file pointing to the Arcus account's live H.264 stream. To access this page, simply enter the URL below into a browser and replace the [accountid] with the account ID of the Arcus account. Then, view the source of the page to view the code necessary to make this work.

JW Player page with live H.264 streaming via a SMIL file:

NOTE: Discover Video already creates the SMIL file dynamically. This is important because all Arcus streaming accounts are load balance to ensure that no single streaming server is taxed beyond being functional. If you need more information or are looking to do your own load balancing, please contact Discover Video at support@discovervideo.com for more information.

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