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Watching your Arcus Live H.264 Stream on a Private Roku Channel

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2013 05:59PM EDT
One of the features of an Arcus streaming account is the ability to watch your live and archived videos on a Roku device on your television. Discover Video hosts a public Roku channel where your content can be featured in a subchannel with other Discover Video client subchannels. This feature is not activated by default, however. It is an additional service that can be added on to your Arcus streaming account for a small additional cost.

What is activated by default, however, is a private Roku channel outside of the public Discover Video channel that features your live H.264 stream on any Roku device by inserting a special USB dongle provided by Discover Video into your Roku device. There are two ways to get this special USB dongle for watching your live stream on Roku:
  1. Purchase a custom USB dongle for your Arcus account for $25
  2. Ask Discover Video to send you for free the two files necessary for the USB dongle and save them to your own USB thumb drive.

Currently, the only Roku model being manufactured with a USB port is the Roku 3. This model only has HDMI for connecting to the television, monitor, or projector, so the display device must be HD capable. If you want to use a television, monitor, or projector without an HDMI input, you can purchase an older model Roku called the Roku 2 XS, which includes analog outputs (composite video and mini-phone 3.5 mm audio outputs). While these models are no longer being manufactured or offered by Roku directly, they can still be found online on many shopping sites. 

Once you have the USB dongle plugged in to your Roku device, the next step is to add the Discover Video DEVOS channel to your Roku device. NOTE: Although the channel is listed as "DEVOS", your Arcus account will be connected to this channel and will feature your live stream as the sole piece of content available on that channel.

You can add the private DEVOS channel by using this link: https://owner.roku.com/add/EC8FT

Note: When you set up a Roku box, you receive an activation code and are directed to go to the Roku web site to activate your box. Recently, Roku started requiring a credit card to activate. They say this is for your convenience in case you want to buy something from the Roku store. If you cannot bypass this step, you can do the following:

Choice 1: Enter credit card, activate, the go back and delete the credit card information.
Choice 2: Call Roku support and say you do not have a credit card or bank account. They will activate for you.

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