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Using FTP with Arcus

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2014 12:35PM EDT
One of the easiest ways to get content uploaded and available for viewing with your Arcus Streaming Service is by using an FTP client. An FTP client is a software program that can connect directly to the Discover Video video servers and upload that content for viewing on-demand.  The benefits of using an FTP program for this are:

1. It will allow you to load up several videos at a time for uploading

2. If an upload fails, you can try again and usually resume where you left off instead of starting over

There are a number of FTP client programs available online. One of the most popular free programs is FileZilla. You can download a free copy of this FTP client here: https://filezilla-project.org/.

Once you have installed an FTP client such as FileZilla (which is used as an example in this article), you need to locate your Arcus FTP settings found in the Discover Video account management portal here. You can find the Arcus account settings by selecting Arcus Settings from the Account Information menu. Once on that page, you will find the FTP settings under the header: H.264 Video On-Demand Settings - for playback of on-demand videos. It will look like this:

H.264 Video On-Demand Settings

These three pieces of information are all you need to connect to the video server and upload your videos. In FileZilla, simply enter this information as shown here and select Quickconnect:

FileZilla Settings

You will then be connected to the Discover Video server. Once connected, you should navigate on the Remote site to the "video" folder. All videos must be uploaded here in order to be available to be viewed on-demand.  If you want to upload a logo or other images for use as thumbnails or other uses, you can upload those files to the "images" folder.

Any files you upload to our servers, whether they are documents, images, or videos, will count towards your total allotted storage. If you delete a file, that will restore that file space to your available space in your account.

Any file uploaded to the server will be accessible via a URL with this format:


Replace [username] with your username. The [subfolder] is what folder you uploaded the files into (i.e. video, images, etc.). The filename and extension is also needed.

Please note that all content is the responsibility of the account holder and content owners. If you delete a file from Discover Video servers, it may not be retrievable.  Please be sure that you keep copies of any files you upload in order to prevent any loss of content.

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