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Meeting Publisher and Arcus

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2014 05:51PM EDT
This guide will help you assign videos you have uploaded to your Arcus account to Meeting Publisher, manage the look of how the video is displayed in Meeting Publisher, create bookmarks, and assign documents to associate and display with the video.

STEP ONE - Select your content
Go to the VOD Content Management page in the DV2 account management portal at http://dv2.discovervideo.com. In order to ensure that you have all the most recent content uploaded to your account available to work with, click on the green Update Files button to check the server for new video files.

Update Files

Find the video you want to assign to Meeting Publisher. If you have not already added a title, description, or other information, or if you have not yet marked that video as "Published", click on the edit button for that video and edit the information about that video accordingly. Once completed, click on the button that says "Add to Meeting Publisher" for that video. Note: you can also add a title and description later in Meeting Publisher, if you prefer.
Next, go to the Meeting Publisher Administration page. You can get there by clicking the "Index with Meeting Publisher" button for the video you just added to Meeting Publisher, or you can go directly there by using the Meeting Publisher menu link under Video On-Demand.

STEP TWO - Upload associated files
If you would like to feature a custom logo on your Meeting Publisher Video List Page and have not yet set that up, this would be a good time to do that. Take the image file you wish to use for your logo (in .jpg, .png, or .gif format) and upload it to your Arcus account - preferably in the "images" folder. To do this, you will need a program to upload files via FTP. A good free program to do this is FileZilla (a complete guide to using FTP with Arcus is available on the Discover Video support site here: http://support.discovervideo.com/customer/portal/articles/1306323-using-ftp-with-arcus).

If you would like to associate a document to be displayed with your video in Meeting Publisher, you should upload that document to the "docs" folder in your Arcus account (following the same procedure as uploading the logo file). The preferred file format for documents is Adobe PDF, as this is the most widely accessible format regardless of what platform or device the viewer might be using. Other formats such as Word, Excel, or others may or may not be viewable by users depending on their device settings.
Meeting Publisher Video List Page SettingsSTEP THREE - Format your Video List Page (first time use)The graphic on the right shows the settings for the list of videos that are viewable with Meeting Publisher. You can view this list in a new window at any time by clicking on the "View Meeting Publisher Video List Page" button at the top. The rest of the settings will determine what this page looks like.

When entering the URL for the logo, you must use the complete URL pointing to your logo image file (i.e. http://...). The image can be on your Arcus account, or any other web server.

STEP FOUR - Edit your video settings
Toward the bottom of the Meeting Publisher Administration page you will find the list of videos that have been added to Meeting Publisher. Click on the View/Edit Bookmarks button to set that video up in Meeting Publisher. This will take you to the Meeting Publisher Editor page where you can add or edit the video's title, description, category, and other criteria about the video.

If you would like to have a document such as a PDF displayed along side of your video, and you have already uploaded this document to the "docs" folder in your Arcus account, you can either simply enter the filename (with file extension) in the Document field, or you can click the Select Document button and choose from any document already uploaded to your account.

STEP FIVE - Bookmark your video (optional)
The next step is to create bookmarks to allow viewers to jump to a particular place in the video. To do this, you can either enter the time for each bookmark in seconds in the form below the video preview player, or you can watch the video with the player and click the Set Bookmark at Current Time button to create a bookmark at the point in the video that the player is currently playing. Either way, you must give the bookmark a name and click the Save Bookmark button. To the left of the player is a list of your saved bookmarks that can be edited or deleted as needed. The edit will load the bookmark back into the form below the player.

Bookmark your video
For more information, visit the Discover Video support site at http://support.discovervideo.com, or email our support team at support@discovervideo.com.

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