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Requesting privileges to create and manage content

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2014 03:59PM EDT
This step-by-step guide will explain how to request privileges from a Super Admin to allow you to create and manage content in DEVOS 4.

STEP ONE - Log in to DEVOS 4. If after logging in you are not taken to your profile page in the Admin Portal, click on the Admin Portal link at the top of the page as shown below.

Admin Portal

STEP TWO - Click on Privilege Requests under the Account Settings section of the menu on the left.

Privilege Requests

STEP THREE - Select the privileges you wish to request.

Send Privilege Request

STEP FOUR - Click Send Request. NOTE: Your Super Admin may not grant you access to all privileges, and you can request additional privileges at another time, if you wish. You will get a notice back once the Super Admin has reviewed and either accepted or declined your request.
Request Sent Successfully
If the request is successfully sent, you will see a confirmation message below the Send Request button that looks something like the one on the right. Also, the privileges you have requested will now be marked in red above.

- Confirm you have been granted the privileges you requested. If you have been granted privileges to edit and create content in DEVOS 4, you will see additional menu items listed as shown on the left.

NOTE: If your privilege request was declined for any or all privileges you requested, you simply will not see any menu buttons for those particular functions in your menu. You will not receive a notice saying it was declined, and the privileges on the Manage Privilege Request page shown in steps 3 and 4 will not be checked nor will they be highlighted in red text. You can continue to request any privileges you still do not have, but it will be up to a Super Admin user as to whether that request will be accepted or declined once again. If you have questions as to why a request might have been declined, you should contact one of the people in your organization who is responsible for managing such requests.

Once you have access to some or all of the admin functions of DEVOS, you are free to create and manage content based on the privileges you have been granted. Feel free to view some of the other support articles that explain how to create and manage different types of content.

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