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How To Post A Video Download Link

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2015 07:10AM EDT
DEVOS 4 allows you to make a video available for download by viewers if desired. 

In many cases you do not want to allow viewers to download a local copy of your video.  This may be because of copyright, privacy, or security concerns.  It may be because when a video is downloaded you can no longer measure who is viewing it or when.  Of you may not want to provide download for any number of other reasons.

On the other hand, many educational institutions want the viewer to have a local copy with a hope that they view it over and over again to learn the subject the video may teach.

You can easily provide download of a Video-on-Demand using any of the following methods:

Method 1

1) Log in to DEVOS as the owner of the video and select edit.  Find the link that says "Download".  Right-click on this link and select "Copy Link Address".  (Your clipboard now has the URL that points directly to this video).

2) Scroll down to Documents and select "Add New Document".  For the Document Title enter "DOWNLOAD [title] (Right-click).  Select Document Link and paste in the video URL you saved in step 1 (Right-Click Paste or Control-V).

3) Save the new document link. Select this new document for the video.

4) Save

This document now appears on your video viewing page as a downloadable video link and the title of the document tells a viewer what to do!  Example:  http://demo2.devosvideo.com/show?video=2e30d04c08f8

Method 2

1) Go to Manage Media Settings and create a new setting called "HTML5" or "Allow Download" or any other convenient name.

2) For the setting, check "Play on HTML5 Player"

3) For any video that you wish to allow download, use this HTML5 Media Setting.

HTML5, by definition, allows viewers to save the video file.  The viewer simply right-clicks on the video player and selects "Save As".

Note that HTML5 must be supported in the viewers browser. All modern browsers support this including Chrome, IE10 and above, FireFox, Safari, etc.

Also, please note that you can not provide download of a YouTube video unless you have synchronized the YouTube account with DEVOS.

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