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Managing User Accounts

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2013 04:12PM EDT
Each Discover Video customer account can have multiple users assigned to that account. For some products and services, such as remote control of DVME and Arcus Streaming Accounts, there can only be one assigned to each user (i.e. one Arcus account for each user), however multiple user accounts can be created with different login information to to control multiple DVMEs or have multiple live streams running simultaneously on different Arcus accounts.

Every Discover Video customer account has at least one admin user. If you are an admin user for your account, you can manage details for other users, and can log in to and access other user accounts within your customer account. Admin users will see an additional button above the account management portal menu and below the Discover Video logo with says "Account Admin". By clicking on the Account Admin button, you will see a list of user accounts assigned to your customer account. You can also view bandwidth and storage usage for each user account.

Viewing User Details
In the list of users assigned to your account, there is a button called "User Details" next to each user in the list of user accounts assigned to your customer account. Clicking on that button will open the details for that user below the lists of users. To edit the details for the selected user, click Edit and change the values as needed. 

Special Considerations:
  • If you set an account to "inactive", the user will no longer be able to log into their account.
  • The role setting determines whether a user has access to other user accounts in your customer account.

Logging In As Another User
Any user who has the role of "Account Admin" can access other user accounts. This may be useful for controlling a specific instance of DVME, changing video player settings, or other such needs. Simply click on the "Login As This User" button next to the selected user in the list of users assigned to your customer account. NOTE: If you login as a user who does not have the role of "Account Admin", you will be unable to see the list of users in your customer account and cannot switch back to another account without logging out and logging back in as a user with the "Account Admin" role assigned.

Certain fields such as Account ID and the dates of creation and last edit are not able to be changed by an account admin.

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