Adding Videos Owned by Other Users to a Channel

Adding Videos Owned by Other Users to a Channel

All assets in DEVOS belong to a specific user account or team share account. This includes videos, images, documents, channels, digital signage, learning paths, group settings, and any other assets added to the system. Because of this, the only videos that can be added to a channel are videos that match one of the following two criteria:
  1. Videos that are owned by the same owner as the channel, or
  2. Videos that have a Media Settings template assigned to them that has the checkbox setting "Sharable" checked.

Creating or Editing Media Settings Templates

Every video in DEVOS has a Media Setting template assigned to it. If a user account has the Manage Media Settings privilege, that user can create their own Media Settings templates and assign different templates to different videos for videos to behave or be displayed in different ways. These templates can either be created at the time the video is edited or created on the Security subpage of the edit or create video form as shown here where it says "Add New Media Settings":
Add New Media Settings

Different media settings templates can also be created, as well as edited, by going to the Settings section of the Admin Portal under Media. It is a good idea to name the media settings template in a way that will help you know in the future what settings that template assigns to the video. Once created, different templates can be assigned to a video when it is created or edited by selecting the template in the Security subpage for the video from the  dropdown menu   under Media Settings as shown above.

If a Media Settings template is ever edited from the Settings page under Media, the settings for all of the videos that have that Media Settings template assigned to them will have their settings updated to the new settings.

NOTE: If the user that owns the video does not have the Manage Media Settings privilege in their account, all of that users videos will only be able to have the System Default Media Settings assigned to them. This template can only be edited by administrators of the system that have Super Portal access assigned to their accounts.

Setting Media Settings to Sharable

Whether the Media Settings template is one that the owner of the video created and has access to or it is the System Default Media Settings managed by the system administrators, there is only one settings box that needs to be checked. That setting is "Sharable" as shown here:
Sharable media setting  
As long as Sharable is checked, the video will appear available to all users to be placed on a channel or used in Digital Signage and Learning Path courses. If at any point in the future, the Media Settings template assigned to a video is changed and no longer has the Sharable checkbox checked, that video will be removed from any channels, digital signage video playlists, or Learning Path courses that are not owned by the same user account that owns the video.

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