Adding YouTube Videos to DEVOS

Adding YouTube Videos to DEVOS

Adding YouTube videos is one of the simplest ways to add videos to your content library to be viewed in your DEVOS environment and digital signage devices. There are several advantages to bringing a YouTube video into the DEVOS environment including the following:
  1. YouTube videos will often have "pre-roll" advertisements that will play prior to the actual video and may require the viewer to wait a certain length of time before they can watch the video they are trying to watch. When these videos are added to DEVOS and viewed through the DEVOS website, these ads are stripped out so that the viewer can go directly to the content they want to watch.
  2. Viewing videos in the DEVOS environment allow the user to control the environment where the video is being watched without the distractions of other video links and advertisements.
  3. Having the video in the DEVOS environment allows for control of what users can watch the content in the DEVOS website and provides detailed reports for any viewing by users who are logged in to the DEVOS system.

Selecting A YouTube Video to Add to DEVOS Video On-Demand

The first step  is to find the video on YouTube that you want to add to DEVOS. Simply go to the website and search for the video you want to add. Once you have found that video, select that video to begin watching the video on YouTube. Once you are on the proper video playback page on YouTube, copy the URL in the browser's address bar as shown below.

YouTube URL

Do NOT use the URL that is shown when you click on the Share button in YouTube. That link will not work in DEVOS. You must use the standard URL that is in the browser's address bar. Once you have saved that URL, you are ready to add it to DEVOS in the next step.

Adding a YouTube Video in DEVOS

To add the YouTube video to your video on-demand section of your DEVOS account, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the DEVOS Admin Portal and select Video On-Demand 
    Media Video On-Demand
  2.  Select ADD NEW (YouTube/video) VIDEO

  3. The only two pieces of information that are required in order to add the YouTube video to your account in DEVOS is to give the video a title to be displayed in DEVOS and paste the URL from YouTube that you saved earlier. Once you have entered both the title and URL, hit Save and the YouTube video will be created in your account in DEVOS.
  4. (Optional) In addition to the title and URL, you have the option to add additional metadata or security settings to the video in the same way that you can add those things to any video file that you upload to your video on-demand library.
Once you have added the YouTube video to your account in DEVOS, you can use the video in the same way you can use any Video On-Demand file that has been updated to the DEVOS system and add it to any channels you would like to add it to. When you look for the video to add it to a channel, it will show "(YT)" next to the video title. This indicates to you that the video is coming from YouTube and not from the server's own video storage.
The video you add from YouTube is not actually downloaded and saved locally to the DEVOS server. It will be played in a DEVOS webpage, but the video itself is still served from the YouTube servers. This means that your network security settings must allow YouTube videos to be played locally on your network.

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