Change a User's Name or Email

Change a User's Name or Email

Any user can change either their first or last name or their email address in DEVOS as long as that user is a locally registered user in DEVOS and not an account that was created by logging in with Active Directory credentials. If you wish to change any information in a DEVOS account that is tied to Active Directory, those changes would need to be done in Active Directory and not in DEVOS. Keep in mind, however, that if you change an email address or login username in Active Directory, it may actually create a new account in DEVOS that is unconnected to the original account. In this case, the best thing to do is to allow the new account to be created and then transfer all content from the old account to the new account under Mass Transfers in the Super Portal. This can only be done by system administrators.

To change your user profile information, to to the Admin Portal and select Profile under Account Settings at the top of the menu.
Account Settings Profile

Next, click on Edit Information.
Edit information

From here, edit any of the information that needs to be changed. NOTE: If you change the email address, it will change what you use to log in to the DEVOS website. If you have the SMS messaging option on your system, you can also enter a cell phone number to be able to receive text messages from DEVOS.

Edit profile information

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