DEVOS IoT and Samsung Commercial TVs

DEVOS IoT and Samsung Commercial TVs

The following information pertains to Samsung commercial TVs with the following model numbers:

In order to control any of the above TVs from DEVOS, the TV must be configured in the ID Settings to use the RS232 port. Also, all power management settings in the ODD must be set to Off, specifically Max Power Saving, Standby Power, and all ECO settings.  You must also make sure the Network Standby Power setting is set to ON.

If the TV ID is set to 01, the Power On and Power Off commands are as follows:

On = AA 11 01 01 01 14
Off = AA 11 01 01 00 13
If the display has the ID set for 00 the commands are;
On = AA 11 00 01 01 13
Off = AA 11 00 01 00 12
If you don’t know the ID setting of a display use the “FE” byte, which covers all IDs, and those commands are;
On = AA 11 FE 01 01 11
Off = AA 11 FE 01 00 10
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