When you upload content to DEVOS via FTP, Dropbox, or Google Drive, you may also include a metadata file.

The metadata file must have the EXACT same name as the video file, but has .xml appended.  Thus, myvideo.mp4 could have metadata file myvideo.mp4.xml associated with it. 

The content of the metadata file (.xml) must be as follows:

   <Title>The title of the video</Title>
   <Description>The description</Description>
   <category>the category</category>
   <channel>the channel</channel>


- The category must exist, otherwise the video will have the "other" category
- The channel must exist, otherwise the content will not be published to the channel
- The tile and description must not be blank, otherwise the will be set to "NEW"

You can use the free Metadata Creator program, available from the DEVOS admin online manual page, to create metadata files quickly.

Note that the category and channel values are only used in DEVOS V3.10 and above.