Possible MISO Compatibility Issue with DirectX versions

Possible MISO Compatibility Issue with DirectX versions

We are investigating a potential compatibility problem with some computers. It appears to have to do with what version of DirectX is installed on the computer. With Windows 10, Microsoft has released DirectX version 12. Computers with this version installed may not see anything but a black screen instead of the video feed from the MISO. There is no known fix for this problem with this particular computer at this time.

In order to verify what version of DirectX is installed, type "dxdiag" in the Windows search bar in the start menu and click "yes" in the dialog window that opens as a result. The version can be found at the bottom of the system information section of the first tab as shown below.

Discover Video technicians are continuing to monitor this issue and will update this site with more information as it becomes available.
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