The Three Layers of Security for Videos in DEVOS

The Three Layers of Security for Videos in DEVOS

All videos in DEVOS can be secured in three main ways with each option more restrictive than the last. A video can have one, two, or all three of these methods applied to the video. The four ways to secure live and on-demand videos are as follows:
  1. Password required - a password can be applied to any video in DEVOS so that all viewers must enter the password in order to view the video.
  2. Require login - in order to view the video, the user must have an account in DEVOS and be logged in to that account.
  3. Group security - all users must be logged in to an account which is a member of a DEVOS security group assigned to that video.

Password Required

All videos both live or on-demand can have a password set to them so that any viewer that wishes to view the video must first enter a password to access it.
To set a password for a video in DEVOS, navigate to the Edit page for the video and select the Security subpage.
Video security tab

Enter a password into the form at the top of this page and click Save. Now, when any viewer visits the page to watch that video, they will first be presented with a password form to enter the password before being allowed to view the video.

Please enter password to access this video

NOTE: The password will be the same for all viewers who wish to access the video. If no other security is applied to the video, anyone who knows this password can access it.

Require Login

A video can also require that a user must have an account in DEVOS and be logged in to that account. This accomplishes two things, which are as follows:
  1. It adds a layer of security so that no one without an account can access the video.
  2. It ensures that the viewer identifies themselves to the system so that any reports for the viewing of that video will include the viewer's name in the report. 
The setting for requiring login to view a video is set in the Media Settings template assigned to the video. If there is already a Media Settings template in the owner of the video's account, then go to the edit page for that video and select the Security subpage. Then, select that Media Settings template that has the Require Login checkbox checked.

Media settings selection
If there is not yet a Media Settings template in the video owner's account, one must be created. Select Settings under Media in the DEVOS Admin Portal.

Settings under media

From here, you can either edit one of the existing Media Settings templates or create a new one. It is a good idea to name the Media Settings template something that will help you identify what settings that template has selected when you use that template in the future. In the template settings, make sure that the checkbox for Require Login is checked and then click Save to save the Media Settings template.

Group Security

The most secure way to ensure that only the proper people are allowed to watch a particular video in DEVOS is to assign a DEVOS Security Group to the video. This means that only specific users that are members of the group and logged in to their account can access the video. Everyone else will get the following message informing them that they are not a member of the proper group to view this content.

Not a member of the proper group

To set group security on a video, the owner of the video must first have a group created in their account with the proper members assigned. To create a new group or edit an existing group, click on Manage Groups under Security in the DEVOS Admin Portal.

Manage groups

Click Add New Group to create a new group or click the EDIT button to edit an existing group. Give the group a name that will help to identify the group to use in the future. Then, search for the users you want to add to the group, or select an Active Directory group to assign all the members of the AD group to the DEVOS Security Group. Select individual users and/or AD group members and click Add to add them to the bottom window showing all group members. You can select both individual members and members of any AD group(s) as needed.

Add or remove members from a DEVOS security group
Or, you can upload a list of users by name in a text file. The users must already have accounts in DEVOS to be added from uploading a text file.
Once the group has been created, it must be assigned to the video to restrict access to only the members of the group. To do this, go to the edit page for the video the group will be assigned to and select the Security subpage. Select the group you want to restrict access to the video by highlighting the group. You can also use CTRL or CTRL-Shift to highlight other groups, as well. Once the proper group is highlighted, click Save at the bottom to save the group assignment to the video.

Assign DEVOS security group
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