Uploading directly to a channel

Uploading directly to a channel

Sometimes you may wish to upload a video directly to a channel so that it appears only in
that channel, complete with title description, and other values. Here is how.
Step One
Identify the video you wish to upload. Let’s assume it is a file named “mickeymouse.mp4”.
Step Two
Open notepad or any text editor. Enter the following values as shown.
 <Title>Mickey Mouse</Title>
 <Description>Mickey Mouse</Description>

The fields are the same as you see in the DEVOS Manage Video On Demand edit screen.
The category and channel must exist on the DEVOS. In the example above, we will set the
title to “Mickey Mouse”, the description to “Mickey Mouse”, the author to “Disney”, the
height and width, and we will allow comments and rating, will show last view and hits, the
video will not require login to view, and we will put it in the “arts” category. We will also
publish it to the “Mavro” channel. Please note that the category and channel must exist on
DEVOS otherwise it will use defaults. Finally, we have set the private to true which will
cause the video to not appear in the main interface but will appear in the “Mavro” channel.
Save the file using the same name as the video file, but add .xml at the end. In our
example, we will save it as “mickeymouse.mp4.xml”.

Step Three
Use Dropbox, Google Drive, or use any FTP client (using the same admin username and
password) and log in to your account you use to log in to DEVOS. Upload both the video file
and the new .xml file. For Dropbox or Google Drive, simply drag/drop the two files to the
/devos folder.
In a few minutes, DEVOS will detect the new video and publish them to the target channel.
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