Uploading Video Files to DEVOS

Uploading Video Files to DEVOS

There are several ways to upload new videos to DEVOS. These include uploading through a webpage upload form, uploading by FTP, or uploading via a special folder created in a Dropbox account linked to a specific user's account in DEVOS.

Web Upload

Probably the easiest and most immediate way to upload a new video to DEVOS is through the DEVOS website. In order to upload videos to DEVOS, however, a user must have an account in DEVOS with the Manage VOD privilege assigned to it. If the user is logged in and has this privilege, they will see a link that says Video On-demand under Media in the DEVOS Admin Portal.
Video on-demand

To upload a new video, click on Upload New Video.
The one bit of metadata that is required for all new videos is a title. Once a title has been entered, find the file from the Select button at the bottom and select it. Then click Upload to save the new video. You will see the upload progress as it is uploaded into the system.
Upload video progress
NOTE: Do not close the page or navigate to another page before the upload is complete and you are redirected back to the Video On-demand page. Otherwise, the video will not have been uploaded to the system, and you will have to repeat the process again.

Once the upload is finished, the upload page will close and redirect the user automatically back to the Video On-demand page where all of the uploaded videos can be managed. Initially, there will not be a thumbnail image for the video unless you uploaded one specifically during the upload process. The video will also not be viewable yet and will display the word "Processing..." underneath the thumbnail.
New video
Once the video has been processed, the video can be clicked to be viewed. The length of time it takes to process depends on the size and duration of the video and whether it is already an MP4 file or needs to be transcoded (converted) into an MP4 file from another file format. If the system was told to create a new thumbnail automatically (the default setting), the thumbnail will also be shown once the file has been completely processed. 

FTP Upload

Every user account that has been granted Manage VOD privileges has an FTP account created for them in DEVOS. This will allow users to use an FTP client application to upload video content to their account in DEVOS. In order to use FTP, the server and the network it is on must be configured to allow the proper ports to be open (typically port 21) for FTP access. This may be open to all users via the public internet, or it might be restricted to users only within the network the DEVOS server is on. This is a setting managed by the IT personnel that manage the server and network.

To connect to the DEVOS server via FTP, a user typically uses an FTP client application installed on their computer. One popular free application for this is Filezilla. Once installed, the user creates a connection by entering the DEVOS server's address (either a web URL or IP address), an FTP username, and a password. If given the option, most DEVOS servers are set up to use Active FTP settings, but the server's IT administrators can also configure it to support Passive FTP, as well, if needed. The FTP username in DEVOS is provided on the Profile page for the DEVOS account under Account Settings. It is shown right below where it says My FTP Access as highlighted below.


Dropbox is a popular file sharing service.  Every user that has the Manage VOD privilege assigned to their account can use Dropbox to add videos their DEVOS account.  To set this up, a user first creates a folder called "devos" in your Dropbox. Then, select Dropbox under Account Settings in DEVOS. This will bring up a login to the Dropbox account.
Dropbox login
Log in to Dropbox, and then click Allow to allow DEVOS to connect to your Dropbox account.
Allow DEVOS to access Dropbox
Once allowed, Dropbox will provide a code to be entered in DEVOS to connect the two systems.
Dropbox code
Copy this code and paste it into Step 2 in DEVOS and select Continue Linking to finish the connection. Once connected, any video dropped into the "devos" folder in Dropbox will be uploaded into that user's account in Video On-demand. To temporarily stop videos from being uploaded this way, click Disable account. To unlink the account permanently, click Delete Linking. Once disconnected, the user must go through these steps again to reconnect in the future.

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