Using the PowerPoint Add-In with a Team Share

Using the PowerPoint Add-In with a Team Share

The Discover Video PowerPoint Add-In is a powerful and easy way to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video and automatically upload the video to your DEVOS server. It can be used just to create a new video on-demand, or as a video in a digital signage template. It will also allow you to make changes to the PowerPoint presentation and upload those changes replacing the existing video with the newly edited video without needing to log in to the DEVOS platform. That means that any digital signage which is assigned to play that video as a part of its content will automatically update with the newly edited video automatically.

The PowerPoint Add-In set up includes putting your user account information into the add-in settings with your server address, FTP username, your login password, and your API Key all found on the Profile page under Account Settings in DEVOS. This means that when the video is uploaded from the add-in, it goes into your account under Video On-demand. If you publish the video again after making changes and do not change the title of the video, it will offer you the opportunity to simply replace the video in your account with the newly edited video.

But what if you want the video to be owned by a Team Share instead of your own individual user account? Team Shares in DEVOS do not have their own FTP settings, so there is no information to enter that would connect the add-in with the Team Share account. There is, however, a workaround for this. The solution is to copy the video from your account into the Team Share account. There will still be only one video on the server, so any changes to that video will automatically affect both the video listed in your individual user account as well as the one in the Team Share account. That will ensure that any other users who are members of the Team Share will be able to edit or delete the video in DEVOS that is owned by the Team Share.
Note that subsequent uploads to replace the video with an edited version of the video will still need to be uploaded from a PowerPoint Add-In with the original individual user account settings entered into it. Also, the video must remain in that individual user account in order to be replaced with further edits in the future.

How to Copy a Video from a User Account to a Team Share

Follow these steps to copy the video to a Team Share you are a member of:
  1. Go to Video On-demand under Media in the account that owns the video.
    Video On-demand
  2. Select Team Copy from the drop down menu from the arrow in the top right corner of the video you wish to copy.
    Team copy   
  3. Type in part or all of the name of the Team Share you wish to copy the video to and hit enter or the spy glass image to search for the Team Share.
  4. Click Paste for the Team Share you wish to copy the video to.
Now, any subsequent changes to that video file in the individual user account will automatically be reflected in the copy of the video owned by the Team Share.

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