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            About Priority Alert

            Priority Alert

            Priority Alert is patent-pending capability that works with DEVOS and other Discover Video streaming systems.
            It allows you to send live or VoD videos, text message, and web pages to one, some or all computers without the receiving computer needing to take any action.


            The use of Priority Alert is limitless.  Here are a few examples:
            • Cause computers in classrooms to automatically open and display "Morning Announcements" full screen without a teaching needing to navigate to a player page
            • Display Fire, Lockdown, or other emergency information at the touch of a button
            • Notify workers that an important live webcast is starting and display that live video
            • Send small text messages to one, some, or everyone in an organization


            Priority Alert is for Windows and Apple Mac computers.  Simply install the program on the target computers and set the server per the instructions.  The program is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Apple Mac OS-X and above (except not supported on older PowerPC Apple machines).

            During the install, you will be prompted for the server address and the zone. If you are not using zones, then you may use default value.

            You may "Image" computers by simply installing your master computer and copying that install, or by following these steps:

            1) Install Priority Alert
            2) Edit config.xml in the install folder to set the desired server address and zone
            3) Copy config.xml to desired computers

            Where To Get Priority Alert Program

            Log in to DEVOS as administrator, select Admin / Priority Alert. Click on "Get Priority Alert Application"

            Updated: 29 May 2019 01:32 AM
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