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            Roku is a popular consumer "IPTV" box for viewing TV via the public Internet.  But it is also a great "Set Top Box" for private use too, and for under US$100, it is a great solution for viewing live and VoD content on TV's, monitors, and even for feeding other video systems (e.g. a local cable-TV modulator).  The Roku Stick is another option, although only for certain use cases.  Roku is also a great device for displaying Digital Signage from a DEVOS system.

            Discover Video provides  three types of Roku channels:
            • Public Channel -- this is a channel that anyone with a Roku box and an Internet connection can receive. Just add the Discover Video channel to your Roku lineup and our publisher's channels appear. Publishers control what live and/or VoD content is shown. To be clear, this Roku channel is not used with DEVOS, but is used by DV customers to publish live and on-demand content to the general public.  
            • DEVOS Channel -- this is a channel that displays content from a DEVOS system, whether the DEVOS is on a customer's premises or in the Cloud.  Only the channels selected as "Add To Roku" are displayed, and any channel or video that has a password will cause the Roku box to prompt the user to enter it.   
            • Digital Signage -- You may use a Roku box or a Roku stick to display digital signage.  .  
            Note that these are all different Roku Apps, and that DEVOS requires purchase of a DEVOS Roku license.

            You can add the Discover Video Apps to your Roku devices by selecting the desired channel from this page: You will need a Roku account in order to add one of the Discover Video applications to your Roku device.

            When you sign up for Roku, you will be asked for a credit card, but if you use the following link, you should have the option of signing up for an account without a credit card being entered:

            Updated: 29 May 2019 04:53 AM
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