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            Automatic Recording with DEVOS

            DEVOS can be set to automatically record any live stream available to an Admin user account.  The first step in setting DEVOS to automatically record a live stream is to set the stream in record mode. To do this, the stream must be running and available to be viewed in DEVOS. Once the stream is running, follow the steps to start recording the live stream:

            1. Log in to an administrator account on DEVOS
            2. Click on "Admin Portal"
            3. Click on the TITLE of the live stream you want to record. You will be taken to a player page where you can view the live stream. Below the player, there will be two buttons marked "Record" and "Stop" as shown in the image below.
            4. Click "Record" to start recording. The Status (shown as "Ready..." above) will now say "Recording...".

            At this point, you can stop the encoder (such as DVME) and stop publishing the live stream to DEVOS. DO NOT, however, hit the stop button in DEVOS as shown above. Instead. the system will now be in record mode and will begin recording any time the live stream is active (i.e. the live encoder is started) and will create a new file each time the encoder is stopped and the stream becomes inactive.  DEVOS will remain in record mode until the maximum record time is reached as set by the Super Admin user in the Super Portal.

            It is important to note that the live stream record and stop buttons in DEVOS as shown above are ONLY available when the live stream is running and available to be recorded. Therefore, if you want to take DEVOS out of record mode so that the live stream can be activated on that account without being recorded, the stream must be started and steps 1-3 followed as written above. Then, the stop button should be accessible and can be clicked to stop any recording and prevent DEVOS from recording the stream if it becomes active again later.

            Each time the live stream is activated when DEVOS is in record mode, a new video-on-demand file will be saved when the stream is stopped. Each of these recordings is treated the same way as a new recording.  In that the new file is marked as PRIVATE and is saved with the title and description "NEW". From there, follow the normal procedures to edit the on-demand video and make it available on channels or to users as you wish.

            Updated: 29 May 2019 01:18 AM
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