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            Live streaming from Mantis to DEVOS

            The best way to set up a Mantis to stream to DEVOS is actually to create an encoder of the Mantis type in Encoders under Media in DEVOS. That will provide you with a URL that you can enter into the DEVOS admin page by setting the XML setting to Enabled and entering the Mantis XML URL provided by DEVOS when you edit the Mantis encoder you created. That way, you can control the Mantis from DEVOS and don't need to always go back to the Mantis admin page.

            To to this, create a new Encoder in the Media section of the DEVOS Admin Portal and select Mantis.

            Then, enter at least a title and set whatever settings you desire. Once saved, go back in to edit the encoder and take note of the XML URL at the top of the page.

            Write down or copy the URL to enter into the Mantis admin interface by going to the IP address of the Mantis encoder and logging in. In the Stream Server Selection section on the top left of the Live Stream Setup page, set the XML setting to Enabled and enter the Mantis Control URL into the Url field.

            Click the "Apply" button in the Mantis admin page to save the settings. Your encoder will now be controlled from the DEVOS server as opposed to directly from the Mantis admin page.

            PLEASE NOTE: Setting the Mantis encoder up in this manner will disable the use of the Stream and Record buttons on the front of the Mantis encoder.

            If you want to set up the Mantis manually to stream to DEVOS as a live stream instead, you can do that, as well. Just use this naming convention for any RTMP stream you push to DEVOS:

            rtmp://[server address]/live/[stream name] - whereas [server address] is the URL or IP address of the server (using local IP to stream locally to the server) and [stream name] can be anything you want to call it so long as it is unique in the system, and no other encoder is streaming to that stream name.

            You would then have to create a live stream under Media in DEVOS and add that URL for the RTMP address. You will also need to enter an HLS address with this naming convention:

            http://[server/ address]/autohls/[stream name]/[stream name].m3u8

            If you create an encoder and use the XML, all of that is done for you. Please let us know if this does not completely answer your question.
            Updated: 22 May 2019 11:09 PM
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