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            Recording with DEVOS

            Any live stream you create on a DEVOS server can be recorded on the server for use as a video-on-demand file to be watched later. To record a live stream, however, the stream must be live and available at the time of recording. It is also necessary to be logged in as an user with administrator privileges with access to the DEVOS admin portal to record a live stream, and you can only record live streams available in your own DEVOS account.

            With the default setting, DEVOS will only record in this manner for 30 minutes at a time. After that, the recording would have to be manually restarted which will begin a new, separate on-demand video file. This is a setting that can be changed, however, by a Super Admin user. The Super Admin user can set longer maximum recording times within the Super Portal.

            To record a live stream, follow these steps:
            1. Log in to an administrator account on DEVOS
            2. Click on "Admin Portal"
            3. Click on the TITLE of the live stream you want to record. You will be taken to a player page where you can view the live stream. Below the player, there will be two buttons marked "Record" and "Stop".
            4. Click "Record" to start recording. The Status (shown as "Ready..." above) will now say "Recording...".
            5. When you are finished recording, click the "Stop" button.

            The recorded video will be available as an on-demand video file after processing, which can take up to 5 minutes from the time the "Stop" button is clicked. To view the on-demand video, click on "Admin Portal" and select "Manage Video-On-Demand". The video should appear near the top of the list sorted by the most recent videos and will be initially titled "NEW".  From there, you can edit the title, description, and other details as you would any other video-on-demand file. The new video will initially be set to "PRIVATE", so this setting must be changed in order to make the video available to other DEVOS users and/or guests.

            NOTE: If you are running DEVOS in a cluster with multiple servers, it may take longer for the video to replicate and be available on all other servers in the cluster. This process will usually complete within approximately 10 minutes from the time the recording is available as an on-demand file on the server that recorded it.

            Updated: 29 May 2019 12:48 AM
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