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            Samsung Signage Setup

            Downloading the Signage App from Samsung is fairly easy, but setup navigation depends on your Samsung model. Samsung seems to change the User Interface every model year, but the concepts are the same.

            Be sure your Samsung TV or BluRay player is connected to a network that allows it to access the public Internet.  If you block access, or limit the ports, you may not be successful.

            The first step with a new Samsung model is to update the software.  This is done by selecting Menu button and navigating to "Support" where you should find the Update System Software function.

            Next you must access the Applications.  On some models, you can press the Hub button on the IR Remote Control. On other models, you will need to find the hub to access the apps.

            Next, select "Information" category.  Shown below is 2014 model interface.  For other model years, the interface may be different.

            Then simply select "Signage".

            Samsung does not follow their own rules and some TV's have the "Tizen" operating system while others only support what Samsung calls "Orsey" Apps. We have released the Signage App for both types but we advise you to try before you buy. 

            Updated: 23 May 2019 03:45 AM
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