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            Samsung Smart TV Digital Signage

            DEVOS supports Samsung Smart TV for Digital Signage.

            To obtain the Digital Signage App, open Apps on the Samsung Smart TV. Go to "Samsung Apps" and select the "Information" category.  Find the Discover Video App called "Signage" and install it.

            When you first install it, it points to a default sign.

            Press A on the remote control to enter setup, then enter your DEVOS server address and the signage station code (as shown in the DEVOS Signage administration page).

            Once you have set up the app in your Samsung Smart TV, you must close the app at least once in order to save the settings. Otherwise, if you shut the TV off without closing the app at least once, you will be required to re-enter the DEVOS server address and the signage station code upon turning on the TV again and launching the signage.

            The App can also be seen here:


            NOTE: Currently, the App supports Samsung Smart TV and BluRay players for model year 2013 and later. To install on model year 2012, follow instructions on the DEVOS admin help page.
            Updated: 23 May 2019 03:10 AM
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