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            Special considerations for DEVOS servers on a domain

            When installing a DEVOS server on a domain, there are a number of special considerations that need to be taken into account in order to ensure that the server functions properly. This guide will help you ensure that your server is properly configured to take these considerations into account.

            Scheduled Tasks and Permissions
            There are a number of scheduled tasks that are installed as a part of the normal operations of DEVOS and are critical to its proper functioning. These tasks are scheduled by the Windows Server operating system and are managed as a part of the built-in Windows Computer Management functions of the server's operating system. In order for these tasks to run properly, they need to be configured to be run by a Windows user that has administrative permissions to ensure that the task can perform all necessary functions. By default, these scheduled tasks are normally assigned to be run by the Windows SYSTEM user. When the server is installed on a domain, however, and depending on the group policies set up by the domain administrator, the Windows SYSTEM user may not be able to perform certain functions that are limited by those group policies. Therefore, in these types of installations, it is strongly recommended that the scheduled tasks are reassigned to a domain user account that has been added to the local administrators group on the server. If this is not done, certain functions of the DEVOS system may not function correctly, and future updates to the system may not be applied correctly.

            Adding a Domain User to the Local Administrators Group
            1. The first step is to open the Windows Computer Management tool on the server. From the start menu, click with your right mouse button on the tile marked "This PC" and select Manage.
            2. Once the Server Manager application has launched, select Computer Management from the Tools menu.
            3. Next, on the Computer Management window, double click the Administrators group from the Groups folder under Local Users and Groups.
            4. Click the Add button on the Administrators Properties to open the Select Users window.
            5. Click the Locations... button and select your domain. and click OK.
            6. Enter the domain user account username in the box under "Enter the object names to select". If you would like to check that username to be sure it can be found, click the Check Names button as shown above to confirm the entry. Once confirmed, click OK.
            Note: At various times in this process you may be asked to enter the password for the domain user account. This is the password as assign on the domain.

            Assigning the Scheduled Tasks to the Domain User Administrator Account
            1. Back on the Computer Management screen, click on the Task Scheduler Library under Task Scheduler to show the list of scheduled tasks.
            2. All of the DEVOS scheduled tasks will be named with names starting with "Devos_". Follow the following steps for each one individually to reassign them to the new domain user local administrator account.
            3. Double click the task to reassign to open the task properties.
            4. Click the Change User or Group to open the Select User or Group window as shown below. The process for entering the domain user account is exactly the same in this step as it was in step 4, 5, and 6 of the previous instruction to assign the domain user to the local administrators group.
            5. Click OK on the screen above and the next screen to finish assigning the task to the domain user.
            Note: As in the previous instructions, at various times in this process you may be asked to enter the password for the domain user account. This is the password as assign on the domain.

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