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            Stream Upon Computer Startup

            Sometimes you may want Streamsie to start up and stream upon computer power-up.  Follow these steps:

            First, you may want to set the BIOS of your computer to start upon power-on. For those familiar with BIOS settings, this is easy. BIOS settings vary, but they all have an option to tell your computer to boot up upon power.  Search for help.

            1) Start Streamsie and set it up as desired using your DEVOS account.

            2) Log in to your DEVOS account and select Media / Encoders

            3) Select "Control Encoders".

            4) Select your Encoder and select the desired template, Apply it, then select  "Start Stream"

            5) Notice your Streamsie is now streaming. On your computer, navigate to  C:\Program Files (x86)\Discover Video\StreamsiePC and find the file settings.xml

            6) Right click on settings.xml and check the property Read Only, and select OK.  

            You have now set Streamsie to always be in the current state.  If you want to change anything (bit rate, templates, etc.) simply change settings.xml back to normal by unchecking Read Only property.

            Updated: 23 May 2019 12:04 AM
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